Susanne was born and raised in northeast Ohio. In 2001, she married her true love and fellow artist, Paul Leasure, and they moved to the small coastal town of Carpinteria, just outside beautiful Santa Barbara.

”Since I was a small child, my parents took the whole family on extended vacations across the country.  The beauty and diversity of the western landscapes and ocean always attracted me, tantalizing my vivid imagination. My parents instilled a love of nature in my young heart that inspires me to this day. Being an artist is not a profession; it is an intrinsic part of who I am. Art and soul are inseparable!”

Primarily self-taught, Susanne feels it is vital to grow personally and expand her horizons. To keep her art alive and fresh, she chooses subject matters that emotionally or visually touch her. No two paintings are ever the same, but vary widely from sweeping landscapes, vibrant sunsets, wind-tossed waves, to backlit flowers. Working from photographs taken during her many travels, as well as ‘plein-air painting locally, Susanne creates images that capture the essence of an untainted Earth, the pristine beauty she hopes will remain forever.

In 2004, she and her family moved from Carpinteria to the small town of Los Osos on the Central Coast of California. The ever-changing sand dunes and wildness of Montana de Oro State Park as well as the spectacular vistas of the Big Sur coastline became passion for Susanne. “Living in the tiny town of Los Osos spurred a new burst of creativity, inspired by such a diversity of scenery.”

Besides being a muralist and fine artist for many years, Susanne also enjoys time with family and friends, hiking, photography, helping others as a volunteer minister and singing.  She and her husband, Paul, also simplified their lives and moved to Belize and most recently, Costa Rica to expand their volunteer ministry.